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Pay2Leech Affiliate Program

You can earn a little reward for referring new users.
This is your ref-link:
Just replace USERNAME with the login name of your P2L-Account.
Alternativly the new user can enter your name in the Referral-field at the Signup page.
The rewards are based on your currently used plan.
Flatrate users will get a free week for each signup and additional 3 days for each renewal.
Traffic users will get 25 GB for each signup and additional 10 GB for each renewal.

You earn 20% of all payments from your referred users. We will pay you via Bitcoin.
Contact us at [email protected] to participate in the affiliate program. There are 2 ways to refer users:

You will get a ref-link from us, just share it and start earning money.
You don't have to do anything else. The disadvantage is, that you need to trust us, that we pay you for all sales.

Alternativly you can get a bunch of Bitcoin-addresses from us and sell the accounts yourself.
The users have to send their payment to one of these addresses.
You have to send us the usernames and we will create the accounts for you and provide you the login-details.
You have to forward these details to the referred users.
This way you get a lot of work, but you have full control over all payments and that we pay you for every sale.